Stag & Hen Rib Charter

A Rib Charter is an exceptional experience to the ‘traditional’ Stag and Hen Party.

We provide an unparalleled service to satisfy an unforgettable event.

“There is no doubt that this is a unique experience of which no Charter is the same”!

Stag & Hen Rib Charter

Our Stag & Hen Rib Charter discovers popular destinations like Cowes and Yarmouth, or a destination of choice.

There are countless places of interest on The Isle of Wight and across The Solent.

Landmarks like The Needles, Alum Bay, Hurst Castle, Historic Ports and Navel Dockyards are popular choices.

We recommend activities shore-side, including restaurant and accommodation, tailored to your taste and budget.

We also offer a fast Rib ride to waterside restaurants on the Isle of Wight, contact us 01590 452122 to book a Rib Run Charter.



Lymington, Yarmouth, and Cowes are all a short Rib Ride from each other. Travel to one destination for the day and stay in another for the night.

For information on accommodation and to discuss options to book a Rib Charter Day please contact us 01590 452122.

We make it happen.

Contact us for more information to tailor your Rib Charter experience. Our aim is to deliver excellence in service, providing a fun day out for all.


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